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Crystal Claims Management - Specialists in Non Fault Car Accident Claims Management

What exactly do we do?

Crystal Claims Management takes care of all non fault car accident claims while also providing services that include:

We take care of your whole claims process while you focus on what really matters, recovering from your unfortunate car accident and getting along with your life. 

Claims processes can take time depending on the case, therefore, we stay on top of your claim the whole time while keeping you updated with what is going on. Till then, you will always have your replacement vehicle to keep on moving. 


How are we different to our competition?

Many claims management companies have created an extremely bad name for the services that we provide by practicing unethical behavior. For example, they may prolong your claims process and the compensation you immediately deserve in order for you to use their credit hire vehicle for a longer period. This will ultimately create a higher bill for the at fault driver's insurance company to pay. 

Crystal Claims Management has many clients and partners that can vouch for us when it comes to honesty and transparency. We play by the books and only do what is best for your client's interest. 


Why go to a claims management company?

We have explained the benefits of 'Why choose an accident claims management company over your insurance company in a non fault car accident' where you will find all of the benefits of coming to us over going to your insurance company. 


We also specialize in PCO/Taxi License plated credit hire vehicles

For all private hire and taxi drivers, we also specialize in dealing with your claims process and with providing PCO/Taxi license plated replacement vehicles on the go. As we have a 24/7 customer support team waiting for your call we can immediately respond to your request. 

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