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Vehicle Management Solutions Overview

Crystal Claims Management Offers Much More Than Credit Hire

Crystal Claims Management provides a complete accident management service or solution for people who have been involved in a road traffic accident. More than 100 happy customers get our vehicle management solutions. We deal with the whole process to make it easier for you as our client. 

Mercedes E Class - Crystal Claims Management

Replacement Vehicles  (Credit Car Hire)

Crystal Claims Management specialise in supplying like for like PCO/Taxi plated, mainstream, prestige, executive and commercial vehicles. We understand the importance in getting you back on the road as soon as possible, which is why we work hard to ensure fast, friendly and effective response in supplying a replacement car more...

Vehicle Repair - Crystal Claims Management

Vehicle Repair

We offer a complete repair solution if your vehicle has been damaged as a result of a non-fault accident. We work alongside approved manufacturer repairers meaning repairs are at its highest standards more...

Secure Vehicle Storage and Recovery - Crystal Claims Management

Storage and Recovery 

We can recover your vehicle from the roadside and place it into our secure storage facility, if your vehicle is not in the condition to be driven. Our services are available 24/7 more...

PCO/Taxi - Crystal Claims Management


Crystal Claims Management are specialists in supplying like for like PCO/Taxi vehicles. We understand the importance of getting you back on the road which is why for the last 10 years we have grown to be the first choice for PCO/Taxi operators,PCO/Taxi drivers, insurance companies and many more...

 No Need To Claim On Your Insurance

Anyone who has been involved in a road traffic accident has the right to choose who repairs their vehicle. If you were responsible for the accident you were involved in, the insurance company that insures your vehicle would normally deal with your accident claim.

However if you were not at-fault for the road traffic accident, you can choose to either claim on your insurance policy or make a claim independently of your insurer. To find out more call 0208 519 8600 and we will be happy to help.

We and our partners help thousands of people make independent accident claims. Our services enables motorists to get the help and assistance they need to resolve their accident related issues, with the costs being recovered directly from the at-fault driver on your behalf.


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