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Why Choose An Accident Claims Management Company Over Your Car Insurance Company In A Non Fault Car Accident

When it comes to car insurance companies, you pay premiums in the case of a car accident that was your fault. When it comes to it not being your fault then you deserve compensation ranging from personal injury to days lost not going to work to the obvious damage to your car. 

Let's get started with the benefits of coming to us rather than going to your insurance company in the case of a non fault car accident. 


Excess? What Excess..

Regardless of the car accident not being your fault, you will always have to pay the insurance excess you committed when choosing your car insurance.

At Crystal Claims Management, the whole process from making a claim with us till having you the way you were before the accident is all at no cost to you! So you will not have to pay anything out of your pocket. 

No Claims Bonus - The Mother of Savings

If you like having a perfect history of no claims and understand the benefit of keeping your no claims bonus to reduce your insurance even further for the next year then listen up... Making a non fault car accident claim with Crystal Claims Management allows you to keep your no claims bonus! 

The minute you go to your insurance company and report the accident, your no claims bonus goes straight the junkyard. Not telling your insurance company about the accident and coming straight to us allows you to keep your no claims bonus as well as being compensated for any damages you took. Pretty nifty right.

Free Advice - Quality Advice - Crystal's Advice

Insurance Companies hate it when you report an accident. Their customer service and helping you on what's best for you seriously needs a summer camp because they will never give you the advice you need for your case. 

Crystal Claims Management on the other hand provide free, quality advice from the get go to ensure you get the maximum compensation you deserve as you being a happy customer will allow you to refer others to us which will make us a happy company. So why wouldn't we do the best for you, ey? 


Like For Like Replacement Vehicles

Life still goes on after an unfortunate car accident and while your car is in repair with us, we can provide a like for like replacement vehicle so you can carry on doing the important stuff. 

Insurance companies charge extra for this service but we like to give it to you for free because we're just nice people and also we charge the driver's insurance company who was at fault. 


If you're still a little confused to who should you go to in an event of a non-fault car accident to make a car accident compensation claim then we're available to talk to you over the phone and email. 

Simply click on Contact us and select your preferred way to talk to us about any questions you have. 

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