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What To Do If You Are In A Road Traffic Accident

Road Traffic Accidents - Crystal Claims Management

Crystal Claims Management provides a tailored service to any motorist unfortunate enough to have been involved in a non-fault road traffic accident. We can deal directly with third party insurers meaning your full claim is paid for by the ‘at fault’ driver’s insurer and your insurance excess remains protected.

Read below for our 8 step guide on what to do in a car accident. 

In an event of a road traffic accident here are some things you should try and do if someone hits your car:

1. Stay calm - If the road is blocked or anyone in your vehicle has suffered any injury at the scene of the accident then call the emergency services without delay, unless there is real injury or risk to the safety of other motorists arising from the accident it is unlikely that the emergency services will attend however do not forget to take a reference before you get off the phone.

2. Do not admit liability under any circumstances - This applies not just at the scene of the accident but also if you receive a telephone call from the other driver or the at fault insurer. Anything that you say to the at fault party will probably be recorded and it may prejudice your claim.

3. Get details - at the scene of the accident, you should obtain as many of the following details from the other drivers or any other vehicles involved the collision.

    If you have a camera device, take pictures of the scene. Remember to make notes of street names, collision points, and vehicle locations. If it is safe for you to do so take pictures before you move any vehicles.

    What insurance details to give in an accident:

    •  Name
    • Address
    • Phone number of all parties involved
    • Vehicle registration number, make, model and colour of the fault party
    • Insurance company and policy number.
    • Name, address and phone number of any witnesses.

    4. Contact usCall Crystal Claims Management on 020 8519 8600 or 0800 002 9012. We can provide immediate assistance.

    5. Get your entitled immediate car recovery - If your car is a complete write off and it is unable to be driven to our secure storage facility, we will be able to immediately recover your vehicle for you. 

    6. Get your entitled Like for Like Replacement Vehicle Following an accident for which you are not to blame, you are entitled to be put back into the position that you were at immediately before the accident occurred. This means that you have the right to a replacement vehicle.

    7. Get your entitled Vehicle Repair - The right to have your vehicle repaired or if the vehicle is a write off then you are entitled to get the value of your car prior to the accident. We can also advise and assist you with other losses you have suffered.

    8. In the event the other driver did not stop after the accident or did not provide their name, address, vehicle registration number and insurance details, then you should report the accident to the Police!


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