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How Can Crystal Claims Management Help Private Hire Drivers With Their Non Fault Car Accident Claims

How Can Crystal Claims Management Help Private Hire Drivers With Their Non Fault Car Accident Claims


Are you a private hire driver whose earnings support you and your family? If yes, then it is that much important for you to know how we can help you in times of a non fault car accident. We know how important it is for you to stay on the road as your livelihood depends on it and that is why we give a higher priority to private hire drivers. 

Just by choosing this profession of cabbing, your chances of getting into a road traffic collision/car accident is much higher as you will be driving a lot more than the usual driver and to so many different places. Read our article on What is the current trend in private hire and taxi collisions in London to learn more on how high the chances of a private hire driver getting into an accident really are. 

In this article you will learn more about how we can specifically help private hire drivers with PCO licenses and why they can trust us to deal with their case with the utmost priority that they depend on. 

Why Choose Us Over Your Insurance Company

Insurance companies are known to make you go in circles and secretly pass you on to third parties as it simply costs them time and money to deal with your claim regardless of it not being your fault. The paperwork will keep you confused and concerned about whether you will ever get compensated for the damages and you may not even get a courtesy car until your car is repaired. 

Crystal Claims Management is an accident claims management company that can promise to:

  • Take care of your paperwork while you can continue to go on your daily routine
  • Provide an instant like for like PCO Licensed replacement vehicle* so you don't have to stop working while your car is in repair
  • Repair your car for you
  • Provide free advice and updates on your current claim so that you can be rest assured that we are speedily resolving your claim for you to get you compensated as fast as possible
  • Storage and Recovery comes with managing your damaged vehicle

We provide a comprehensive service so that if you do get into a non fault accident all you will ever have to do is call us and we will take care of the rest. It is that simple. 

Learn more on why you should choose an accident claims management company over your insurance company

*A Like for like replacement vehicle is subject to terms and conditions*

Why It Is In Our Interest To Give You Higher Priority

To know why you can trust us on giving you a higher priority you need to know how we actually make money. When we provide you a credit hire PCO Licensed vehicle there is a daily rate to us giving your one of our cars. Once your car has been repaired or you have been compensated and you have returned the car back to us, then the accumulated amount is invoiced to the at fault insurance company so that they can pay the charges. 

To ensure we get paid we make sure we only provide a credit hire vehicle to those drivers that are eligible to have it where the at fault insurance company cannot reject the invoice. 

As a private hire driver's vehicle is their asset as you earn money because of your vehicle, the daily rate to your replacement vehicle is much higher than a normal non licensed vehicle so we basically earn more money by providing a credit hire vehicle to private hire drivers.

That is why we take private hire drivers' non fault claims extremely seriously and diligently to ensure that the client is happy. 

Why Choose Us Over Other Accident Claims Management Companies

You may hear a lot of chatter about the industry and that is how accident claims management companies take a lot longer to repair your car for you so that they can give you their credit hire vehicle longer and then earn more money. This is true. 

You may also hear a lot of accident claims management companies closing down because they made a lot of fraudulent claims to earn more money and then they would open up another accident claims management company under a different name after being shut down. This is also true. 

We do not come under any of the above categories. That is why we have not only survived but grown as long as we have. We have been in the industry for over 10 years and are still growing. That is why you should not take any risks by going to other accident claims management companies and only come to us who you can trust. 

What Is The Procedure To Setting Up A Claim With Us 

It is as simple as giving us a call and answering our initial questions for us to identify whether we can take on your claim. There are many ways to contact us:

  • You can call us on 020 8519 8600
  • You can email us at
  • You can talk to us on LiveChat. You know the little bubble on the bottom right of your screen, you can tap on that and talk to us

Once we have examined your case and have given the go ahead then we will assign a dedicated file handler to your claim who will talk to you and keep you updated about your claim. 

Learn more on how we can help you by checking out our page, 'PCO/Taxi Licensed Replacement Vehicles'

You Can Also Partner Up With Us!

As a private hire driver you will get to know other private hire drivers and be part of the PCO community. That is why you are in the best position to know whether any one has had a car accident or not. If you are in this position then you can partner up with us and create a whole new opportunity for yourself by referring the non fault client to us. 

All you will have to do is give us a call and let us know that you are referring a client to us and provide us with their contact details so we can go through our steps. We will make sure we keep you updated and let you know when you can redeem for your efforts in helping us. 

With no extra effort from your side you can have an extra opportunity on the side while you continue driving. 

To learn more on partnering up with Crystal Claims Management you can click on Partners/Referrers

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