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Replacement Vehicles/Credit Hire Cars

Credit Hire Cars - Crystal Claims Management

What We Do

A non fault car accident can interfere with your daily routine in more ways than a personal injury. One of our services include providing a like for like credit hire vehicle which you can use as a replacement immediately while your vehicle is in repair or while you wait for your cheque to come in. 

What Type of Vehicles Do We Provide

Our vehicles range from:

  • PCO/Taxi Licensed Vehicles
  • Mainstream
  • Prestige
  • Executive
  • Commercial

We also ensure that our vehicles are all less than 3 years old so you can get the best of the best while you wait for your vehicle to be repaired.

How Long Does The Replacement Vehicle Stay With You

The replacement vehicle will remain with you at least until your vehicle has been fully repaired or until you have compensated for the damage to your vehicle. If your vehicle is a total loss (write off), we shall recover the full value of your vehicle from the at fault insurer


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