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Extensive Range of Taxi/Private Hire Available

Crystal claims offer a range of bespoke accident management services tailored to the individual needs.

Partnership With Brokers

Make your customers claim journey a good experience that will retain them at renewal

Partnership With Insurers

Make the process of your customers accident claims process hassle free

Solutions For Body Shops & Repair Centres

Crystal provides claims management services tailored to the specific needs and size of any accident repair centre

Want to partner up with us? 

Crystal Claims Management currently works with many referrers in the UK. We offer flexible business opportunities to our network of quality referrers. We ensure that our proposals are mutually beneficial so that we can establish a deep and ongoing relationship. 

We currently partner up with:

  • Taxi/Private Hire Companies
  • Claims Companies
  • Insurance Brokers
  • Insurers
  • Recovery Operators
  • Solicitors
  • Body Shops
  • Community Seniors

Why Partner With Crystal Claims? 

In addition to providing a complete comprehensive accident claims management solutions, our current repute with our growing network of partners and referrers can vouch to our honesty and reliability. 

We are also a member of The Credit Hire Organisation (CHO), currently the only trade body for the UK credit hire industry and as such have been influential in its development. 

Offering flexible and generous commission rates and business opportunities to ensure a long term and healthy relationship we give priority to our long-term relationship with you rather than self gain. 

If you run any of the above businesses and are want to partner up with us then please contact us to find out more on working with Crystal Claims Management.