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How To Prove You're Not At Fault In A Car Accident

Whose Fault Was It? 

Being not at fault in a car accident saves your no claims bonus, allows you to use our services here at Crystal Claims Management & gives you that peace that everything will be okay as long as you're not at fault. The golden rule is, if you're not at fault you're not financially liable for anything. 

Only if you can prove you're not at fault. 

Learn below on what things you can do to prove you have been in a non fault accident which will then make the whole claims process a lot quicker and easier to resolve. 

For those who are at fault it might be useful to read our 'What To Do In A Road Traffic Accident' to ensure you grab all the details you need to be fully prepared. Moreover, we also provide free advice on your claims over the phone.

Do The Basics

Before any other tips and advice, it is extremely important that you cover the basics right after the collision as it is at the time of the accident that it will be the easiest to find evidence on who is at fault or not. Many times claims processes get delayed because sufficient information is not gathered. 

To learn more on the basics, read our article, 'What To Do In A Road Traffic Accident' which goes over all the details you need and how you can do this. 

Take Names. Take Numbers. 

If there were people who witnessed the accident it will help if you could get their consent to take their names and numbers and request them to vouch for you. As these people will not be related to you nor will you know them in any way, this will help boost your credibility. 

It's All In The Evidence

Remember how I mentioned to take pictures in the previous article, well why not go a notch further and see if there were any cameras from stores or houses that were pointing at the area of the accident? 

Having a video that shows clearly you are not a fault is what makes the fat woman sing and brings your flowers to life with happiness. Having pictures ready that show signs that corroborate with your story is just as crucial. They can show where the vehicle was damaged that can tell a lot about who could be at fault. 

The Driver Said A Bad Word

Many a times the at fault driver will get out and begin swearing and blasting to make it look as if it his not his/her fault. There could also be the situation where the driver comes out and says, "Really sorry about that, don't know what happened there". Other times you can simply ask, "Was it your fault mate?" and he/she replies "Yeah.. Sorry". 

Whatever the situation is, record it! Record all communication and admit to nothing. That recording can be used and if the other driver slips out any indication of the accident being their fault then you already have an Oscar winning audio tape right in you very old dresser. 

Now Do You Know Whose At Fault? 

If you are certain you have been in a non fault car accident then it is time for you to call us. We will do all of the paperwork for you, advise you, provide you with a replacement vehicle, repair your car for you and recover your damaged vehicle. 

Yes, we will do it all and I know you don't believe me and you don't have to. Believe London. We are that big and awesome. Crystal Claims Management will take care of you and you know it! Call us now even if you have not been in a car accident and ask us questions. We shall answer. 

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