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What Are Car Insurance Claims?

When & Why To Make A Claim

If you believe that you have suffered a loss or damage by a third party, you have the right to make a claim against the third party for compensation. Specifically making a car insurance claim in an event of a non fault car accident, you would have to also be insured to be able to make a claim for the damages your vehicle has received. 

In order for your claim to be successful you will be required to provide proof that you were in fact the victim and that the third party was at fault. To ensure you have all of the details necessary to help your claims process, read our article on 'What To Do If You Are In A Road Traffic Accident' which explains all of the details you will need to note down after the unfortunate incident. 

It is extremely important to report your claim instantly as any delay in reporting the claim may be detrimental to your compensation amount in the end of the process. The sooner you call us the better. 


What Is Credit Hire & Why Would I Need It?

Credit Hire is essentially you receiving a replacement vehicle while your damaged car is in repair or, if the vehicle was a total write off, till the compensation cheque has been recovered. As long as you meet certain requirements and you were not at fault, you have the right to a like for like replacement vehicle so that you can continue to go about your day normally without it impacting your daily life. 

This replacement vehicle would be at no cost to you and the cost of the replacement vehicle given to you on credit would be taken from the at fault insurance company. 

Credit Hire vehicles are normally provided by accident claims management or credit hire companies and it is pretty normal practice for your insurance company to refer non fault accidents to credit hire companies to provide replacement vehicles to their clients. 


How Long Does It Take For A Claim To Be Settled?

This really differs from case to case as anything can happen that may delay the process causing it to take longer for a claim to be settled. However, to give you a bit of a understanding, a very simple non fault car accident claim could take between 14-28 days where if there are any barriers along the way, it could take between 2-3 months. 

During the claims process, you do get a dedicated file handler that ensures to update you about any changes/ progress to your claims process. 


What Do I Have To Do To Make A Claim?

Making a claim for a non fault car accident is as easy as simply calling us. Crystal Claims Management would then connect you with a dedicated file handler who will take all the details from you and take care of all the documentations themselves. 

All you will need to do is simply talk to us whenever we require any information and go back to your normal life without any worry. To call us you can contact us by calling us, emailing us, make a claim online or coming straight to our office. Simply click on Contact us to get all of the ways to connect with us. 


Will Making A Claim Affect My Car Insurance Premium?

Whether it is a non-fault or an at fault car insurance claim, it will have an impact on your next insurance premium. A non fault claim will have a much smaller impact but there will be a difference even if your no claims bonus was protected. 

The reason being is that insurance companies only see that if an individual had been involved in a car accident, there is a likelihood that the individual will be involved in another car accident and on this basis the premium can increase. 

Premiums already increase based on the area you reside in, whether your area is a high risk in having a car accident area, therefore there is a greater likelihood of premiums increasing in an event of a car accident. 


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Learn more about how we operate and how we can be of use to you at the time if you are unfortunate enough to be in a non fault car accident. 

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