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Cold Calling & Fake Claims: Special Report June 2018

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"Have you been in a car accident which wasn't your fault?" How many times have you received a call from a number that you don't recognize nor can you call back and have asked you the above question? I know I have many times and once I even said yes to see what happens. 

Avoiding Car Accidents: Special Report May 2018

Avoiding Car Accidents: Special Report May 2018 - Crystal Claims Management

This report details an in-depth analysis of UK's current car accident trend on a yearly basis. This report also studies factors on the reasons behind the current trend and how these factors may affect further years ahead. Our study goes by the theory that we will see a further increase in car accidents over the coming years.

This report concludes with explaining what are the main causes of car accidents and includes our experienced advice on how to avoid overall car collisions.